ISYBOT raises €3m from Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions and CEA INVESTISSEMENT

Isybot, l'automatisation agile

Paris, 14th June 2023 – ISYBOT, a French start-up designing collaborative robots for industry (cobots), has today raised €3 million from Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions, CEA Investissement and its historic investors (KAROT CAPITAL, CALAO FINANCE).

The company has set itself three objectives for this fund-raising: to develop its international sales network, to create new uses for its cobots and to extend its range

Become a major player in interactive cobotics in Europe!

ISYBOT designs, assembles and markets collaborative robots (cobots) dedicated to sanding, grinding and polishing. SNCF, AIRBUS, SAFRAN, IVECO, AIR France INDUSTRIES and BENETEAU use its robots on a daily basis.
ISYBOT provides a broader response to the automation of tasks that require the commitment of a human operator, by assisting and replacing him or her in the tedious and repetitive aspects of these tasks. With this in mind, ISYBOT has designed the first truly interactive cobot that can be used by anyone.


Le cobot Isybot

The cobot perpetuates operators’ know-how enabling productivity gains even for small production runs.

Since its creation at the end of 2016, ISYBOT has gained the trust of major manufacturers and has been able to verify the validity of its vision of successful task sharing between man and robot. Today, ISYBOT is celebrating its 50th cobot.
Like all cobots, they can increase productivity and standardise the quality of a task. But in addition to traditional cobots, operators (very often body repairers) are trained in the ISYBOT cobot in less than half a day and are immediately autonomous in its programming and deployment anywhere in the plant.

Isybot utilisé pour le ponçage des trains

At the same time, ISYBOT meets CSR challenges such as preserving human skills with a cobot that is safe and intuitive to program, focusing operator time on added value and, of course, reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD: €1 billion in reimbursements for days not worked in France every year).

ISYBOT has thus created agile automation, a unique concept based on a major technological breakthrough: the replacement of standard gears by ball screws and cables (CEA patents) in the cobot. This major change gives ISYBOT cobot the ability to control force applied, and thus sanding pressure, without any sensor. The cobot is also safer and easier to use because of much lower inertia and friction.

Thanks to this round of funding and the strategic partnership with Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions, the next few years will witness the expansion of ISYBOT’s sales network in Europe and cobotic applications, as well as the launch of its 20kg load capacity cobot.

More informations:

Backed by a cobotics market that is growing by 55% a year and strengthened by a breakthrough technology championed by our partner CEA, the ISYBOT team has proved its worth. With this round of funding and this structuring partnership, we now hold all the cards to become the European leader in the interactive cobotics market.

Yvan Measson

co-founder and CEO — Isybot

We are delighted to become ISYBOT's reference partner, whose solution has impressed us with its ease of use and performance in even the most demanding applications. We are convinced that by pooling our know-how, we will be able to democratise the automation of sanding, grinding and finishing tasks and offer our users an effective, eco-responsible solution for the transformation of surfaces in the construction, mobility and industrial markets.

Sami Chahrour

Managing Director — Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions France

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