Making scientific excellence an advantage for industry

CEA-List, a smart digital systems specialist, conducts research and innovation activities with the overriding objective of transferring new technologies to companies. We do this by forming R&D partnerships—over 200 every year—with companies, helping them integrate our breakthrough technologies into competitiveness-enhancing products, solutions, and processes.


Bringing the latest technologies to the businesses that need them

At CEA-List, our mission is to innovate and transfer new technologies to companies. We combine scientific excellence in high-tech fields like artificial intelligence, software design, simulation, cybersecurity, and quantum computing with open innovation platforms to facilitate tech transfer and encourage cooperation between corporations, academic institutions, and startups—in particular those created at CEA-List.

We have been investing in R&D partnerships for twenty years, so we have expert insights into our partners’ industries and understand the challenges they face.

International recognition

CEA-List has earned international recognition for its smart digital systems research and development. Our scientists are published in leading international journals and conference proceedings every year, and the technologies we develop—many of which are enabling technologies with multiple potential operational applications—benefit companies of all sizes and in virtually all industries.

As well as engaging in joint R&D projects and partnerships, we allocate 25% of our budget to pump-priming research and projects that aim to identify tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs.


patents filed in 2021, and 162 active licenses


startups created since 2003


publications in A rank journals in 2020

Open innovation platforms

CEA-List possesses ten technology platforms and 22 software development environments. The platforms—set up to meet our partners’ need for flexibility and confidentiality—offer access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment and CEA-List experts.

All research partnerships and technology transfers are governed a clear IP policy.

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At the interface between scientific research and industrial R&D

CEA-List works with around 200 partner companies every year, in France and internationally. These partnerships have given us a deep understanding of our partners’ industries and extremely granular knowledge of their needs.

The institute also has a results-oriented culture driven by cost, lead time, and performance targets, grounding us firmly in the economic imperatives of industrial R&D.

This unique combination of scientific excellence and knowledge of industrial R&D environments enables us to bridge the gap between research and industry and transfer innovations from the lab to the market rapidly and effectively.

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