Framework agreements: benefit from the full breadth of CEA-Tech’s expertise

CEA Tech’s framework contracts are for companies—especially corporations—looking to collaborate on broad R&D projects covering multiple topics. Partners benefit from the tech know-how of all three CEA Tech institutes, and the focus of the collaboration can be adjusted over time to reflect the results obtained and new market demands.

A framework agreement with CEA Tech will boost your innovation capacity and help you develop new technologies faster. We will work with you to create a long-term roadmap for your projects, and you will have access to the resources and know-how of all three CEA Tech institutes:

  • CEA-List, experts in embedded systems and smart digital systems
  • CEA-Leti, experts in micro and nanotechnology and systems integration
  • CEA-Liten, experts in new energy technologies and nanomaterials

3 key features of a framework agreement

  • A framework agreement clearly sets out your strategic objectives.
  • It formalizes a long-term commitment (3 to 5 years; renewable) to collaborate on strategic R&D topics, and clearly defines the scope and volume of work and the roles and responsibilities of each party, helping you structure your R&D activities.
  • This type of agreement covers multiple projects and research areas.

Who it is for

A framework agreement is a comprehensive partnership between a company and the three CEA Tech institutes. The scope can be vast, encompassing a range of projects on multiple topics.

A framework agreement is a long-term commitment and is aimed especially at multinational corporations, helping them meet their strategic R&D goals, delivering the desired level of quality on time and on budget.

Resources provided by CEA-List

We provide extensive resources for framework agreements, including:

  • A management committee responsible for high-level strategy and joint decision-making.
  • A steering committee that oversees operational aspects of the partnership.
  • A strategic partnership manager for each party.
  • A project manager for each project.
  • Research teams from different CEA Tech institutes.
  • Access to research, design, and project management tools.

How it works

Every partnership is unique, so we’ll tailor the process to suit you, but these are the key steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting: Most of our partnerships begin with a meeting. Sometimes a company will contact CEA-List directly; other times we approach companies to propose a partnership. The idea is to learn more about your project and introduce you to the three CEA Tech institutes.
  2. Project analysis: We will work with you to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with each project.
  3. Contract preparation and signature: Following the preliminary steps, we will agree on the technical scope and practical details and draw up a document outlining the project for you to approve and sign.
  4. Kickoff: With the contractual framework and governance mechanisms in place, work can begin. We will monitor progress throughout to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

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