Implementing an open, sovereign platform

At CEA-List, we are building a technology platform to support the design, validation, and deployment of trusted embedded AI systems.

The platform will leverage mature French- and European-made technologies to accelerate the development and certification of trusted AI systems, with specific adaptations for each major industry or market.

It will be based in Paris-Saclay and provide access to various tools for annotating, generating, and qualifying data for learning, analyzing robustness, validating safety, optimizing model learning, optimizing generated code, analyzing risk, and assisting with the certification of AI systems.

The platform will also provide opportunities for stakeholders to share insights and exchange viewpoints on AI-related issues and, especially, ethics.


FactoryIA: a computing platform built for AI

FactoryIA is CEA-List’s development platform built specifically for AI using very-high-performance computing infrastructure.

The infrastructure is located at CEA’s TGCC (Very Large Computing Center) in Bruyères-le-Châtel. At its core is a petaflop-scale computer with 30 computing nodes and more than 200 GPUs. It is used for researching and developing key AI algorithms and functions requiring large amounts of data for learning and significant computing capacity. It builds, tests, and evaluates innovative AI algorithms on a daily basis and ran more than 92,000 computations in its first year of operation!

Technologies implemented

  • Pixano: image and video database annotation
  • Streamer: data flows and time series management for machine learning
  • N2D2: platform for optimizing and deploying embedded AI models in operating environments constrained by memory, processing time, or power
  • LIMA: multilingual language analyzer
  • LIVA: computer vision
  • Papyrus: UML-based systems engineering environment
  • PyRAT: neural network robustness and safety analyzer

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