Research engineers are central to the emergence of new innovations

Working as part of a research team, our research engineers can be assigned to projects for our R&D partners or our in-house research needs, inventing new solutions for specific applications and use cases.

Key responsibilities

Research engineers are central to innovation at CEA-List. Their role consists of designing and developing original technical solutions that support the ambitious projects they are assigned to, usually as part of a team. Our research engineers are creative thinkers also capable of seeing the big picture. They are thorough and detail-oriented, with solid analytical thinking skills.

Research engineers support our research projects by:


  • Conducting R&D.
  • Coming up with innovative solutions.
  • Contributing to research and R&D projects in CEA-List’s research areas, either with our R&D partner companies or as part of collaborative research projects like those funded by the EU or French government, for instance.
  • Keeping up with the state of the art in science and technology and helping shape CEA-List’s research roadmap.

TALENTS@LIST | Enzo Delescluse, research engineer in virtual reality

Education and skills

  • Masters or PhD.
  • Some research engineers do a post-doc to develop additional expertise on a specific topic.


  • A strong interest in technology research.
  • Aware of the challenges tomorrow’s industrial economy will have to overcome.
  • An appetite for teamwork.

Career advancement at CEA-List

CEA-List offers its research engineers a variety of exciting career paths.

  • Promotions to team and project management positions.
  • Opportunities to experience entrepreneurship by creating a startup.
  • Switch to a different job category.

Career opportunities

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