CEA-List a key player in regional and national technology and innovation ecosystems

CEA-List’s core missions—innovation and tech transfer—have allowed the institute to carve out a strategic position ideal for building relationships between academic research and business and for driving ecosystem-building initiatives around specific technologies and industries at both the regional and national levels.

CEA-List enjoys a unique position at the intersection of academic research and industrial R&D. The institute plays an active role in regional and national innovation ecosystems, working shoulder to shoulder with research scientists and businesses from a wide range of industries to create and implement groundbreaking projects.

The institute contributes to basic scientific research with partners like the Universities of Paris-Saclay and Grenoble Alpes and the École Polytechnique of Paris and collaborates with tech clusters Systematic, Cap Digital, NextMove, and Medicen through multi-partner R&D projects.

Finally, CEA-List is a founding member of the DigiHall Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), part of the Europe-wide DIH network.

CEA-List, a member of two major innovation ecosystems


DigiHall DIH accelerates digital transformation for businesses

The DigiHall Digital Innovation Hub is a technology ecosystem in Paris-Saclay. With 1,500 scientists, it is the largest research community in Europe. CEA-List is one of the founding members.

DigiHall was created to make AI and other digital technologies available to companies and to society at large. Companies come to DigiHall for know-how in artificial intelligence, digital trust, digital health, quantum computing, and the Factory of the Future. DigiHall, with its eighteen partners, can help companies develop innovative products, services, and processes that integrate new digital technologies. Participating companies benefit from shared equipment and infrastructure as well as support services.

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Factory Lab, where stakeholders collaborate on the Factory of the Future

FactoryLab, located in Paris-Saclay, brings together partners from academia and business. It integrates technologies and produces pre-production prototypes and demonstrators very rapidly to respond to its members’ digital transformation imperatives. The goal is to help companies leverage technology and get new solutions out on the market as quickly as possible.

What makes FactoryLab so unique is its value-creating mechanism for sharing resources among members and participating companies, whether they are technology providers, integrators, or end users.

FactoryLab is backed by an R&D ecosystem populated by SMEs and research organizations to get new technologies to market quickly. At least three end users from different industries with a shared need come together to complete their pre-production demonstrators within twelve months. Since 2016 Factory Lab has run 50 innovation projects of this type. The ecosystem is currently seeking new partners to develop energy optimization and decarbonization projects.

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CEA-List engaged in three major multi-partner projects

Connecting Food for greater transparency in food manufacturing

CEA-List has been conducting blockchain research for several years. In 2018 the institute set up a joint lab on traceability for the food manufacturing industry with startup Connecting Food. The joint lab produced a blockchain-based “farm to supermarket” auditing solution. This innovation has positioned Connecting Food as Europe’s leader in blockchain-based solutions for the food manufacturing industry.

Connecting Food - Blockchain for food transparency

Sonaris, the digital twin for logistics

The Sonaris project, led by the CEA Tech technology transfer office in the Hauts-de-France region, is leveraging CEA-List’s proprietary Papyrus platform to develop prototype digital twin design and implementation software. The goal is to develop functional digital twins for logistics simulations.

The six partner companies on the project include logistics service provider LOG’S, which had previously worked with CEA-List on the Digital Twinning project to “right size” logistics services and generate associated cost estimates.

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Optimizing embedded AI

CEA-List, a key stakeholder in the microelectronics ecosystem, is driving advances with semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics. The partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of AI on STMicroelectronics’ portfolio of chips for consumer electronics, industrial, and health applications. CEA-List is contributing know-how in neural network optimization and implementation on STMicroelectronics’ embedded hardware.

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R&D partnerships with businesses

Each year, CEA-List works with more than a hundred companies of all sizes, based in France and other countries, and operating in virtually all industries. Partnerships can last a few months, or, for joint labs and strategic partnerships, several years.

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