Making tomorrow’s quantum computers programmable

The purpose of this research program is to create quantum architecture and software stacks to connect algorithms and hardware so that tomorrow’s quantum computers can be programmed, and applications executed on them.

This research program has two focus areas.

The first is to build the software stack needed to program a quantum algorithm. We are tackling the problem holistically, with research that encompasses the hardware-software interface, programming languages, compilation, optimization, testing, and certification. We will also look at implementing quantum algorithms on hybrid (quantum and classical) architectures.

The second is to develop interfaces with the software stack mentioned above, as well as with the execution stack, which orchestrates the physical circuits, the cryogenic qubit measurement circuits and methods, and the digital architectures with fast feedback loops for quantum error correction.

Qbricks: formal verification for quantum computing

Testing quantum programs is a major challenge. The software testing methods widely used in classical computing are not directly applicable to quantum computing scenarios. This is because the intermediate states of a qubit during execution cannot be observed without altering the results.

At CEA-List, we have developed Qbricks, a breakthrough high-level programming and formal verification environment for hybrid quantum programs. Inside the Qbricks environment users will find a programming language, tools for specifying functions and resources, and an automated proof model, all developed especially for quantum programs.

What makes Qbricks so innovative is its original formal verification methods, which can check that a program will behave as intended without having to actually execute the program. We successfully applied these methods to an implementation of Shor’s algorithm—a world first.

Qbricks was developed in partnership with Paris-Saclay University.

Learn more about the QBricks quantum programming environment

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