Working together to accelerate progress in a specific research area

Joint scientific research projects allow labs anywhere in the world to pool resources with CEA-List, accelerating progress in research areas of mutual interest.

Joint scientific research projects focus on a research topic that is of interest to all partners. By sharing know-how and resources, partner labs can draw on each other’s strengths, allowing them to advance farther, faster than they would going it alone.

Our joint scientific research projects range from collaborations with a single lab, to EU-wide programs involving several organizations.

3 key features of a joint scientific research project

  • It focuses on a research area of mutual interest to all partners.
  • The project is co-financed.
  • Results are shared.

Who it is for

Most of CEA-List’s joint scientific research projects are with the two universities the institute is affiliated with: Paris-Saclay and Grenoble-Alpes. We also work with other research organizations in France—often members of the Carnot Network—and have a special partnership arrangement with Télécom Paris.

Further afield, we collaborate on major European projects with European research organizations and national research institutes in other countries.

We take part in international scientific conferences where we meet researchers from all over the world—often the starting point for R&D partnerships with the labs of world-class universities like MIT and UC Berkeley.

Funding and resources

For projects with a single partner (as opposed to multi-partner government-funded projects) the amount of funding to be provided by CEA-List and the partner is determined during the project planning stage. In general, both partners contribute to financing the project and supervising one or more PhD candidates. How any publications or intellectual property will be managed is also determined at the start of the partnership.

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Let’s become partners

Effective innovation protection mechanisms

CEA-List has implemented a robust intellectual property policy to secure the commercialization of innovations developed through R&D partnerships.
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Let's become partners

Reasons to choose CEA-List

Our mission is to help our partner companies build their future industrial and business models on new and innovative products and services.
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