A platform for responsible AI

The Responsible AI platform provides CEA-List partners with a set of resources they can use to design and validate powerful, trusted, and frugal artificial intelligences and imagine future AI use cases.


From development to use cases

The AI platform is the fruit of CEA-List research across the entire AI value chain, including the major AI use cases. The platform centralizes all of our AI research and development in pursuit of two objectives:

  • Develop and provide access to a comprehensive range of tools and technologies to support the development of powerful, trusted, frugal, embeddable AI systems.
  • Accelerate the development of AI use cases involving computer vision, natural language processing, data analysis, and signal processing.

The platform’s 200 research scientists and engineers, experts in signal and time series analysis, statistical and semantic analysis, decision support systems, and computer vision, are committed to achieving these CEA-List AI research and development objectives. The platform’s experts also respond to our R&D partners’ needs:

  • AI verification and certification
  • Dynamic safety monitoring of AI-based systems
  • Model optimization and embedded deployment
  • Architecture and dedicated component design

Users of the AI platform can also access CEA-List resources like the Factory IA teraflop computer, the DNeuro and PNeuro accelerators, and the MobileMii smart home services development platform.

The platform supports the development of applications in mobility, defense and security, cybersecurity, energy, and health.

1000 sq. m

of facilities




patents filed per year

Tools available at the AI platform

The platform is home to a wide and constantly expanding range of equipment.


Semantic analysis tools for multimedia documents

  • LIMA natural language processing software.
  • LIVA image analysis software.


Development tools

  • Pixano web-based smart image annotation tool.
  • Streamer to manage learning on data streams.
  • N2D2 software for the exploration, optimization, and generation of neural networks, plus AI hardware accelerators and methods to evaluate the portability of AI applications on different hardware architectures.
  • ExpressIF® software for the development of fuzzy logic rule-based systems with explainable output and rule learning.


Validation and certification tools

  • SophIA risk analysis and qualification process support software.

The FactoryIA computer

With 300 latest-generation GPUs distributed over 41 computing nodes, the FactoryIA computer delivers around 3 Tflops of processing power and can manage up to 1 Petabyte of data. It is used regularly by around 150 people.

The PNeuro hardware accelerator

The DNeuro, PNeuro, SamurAI, Spirit, and Largo hardware accelerators for AI facilitate the development of embedded AI systems.


The MobileMii smart home solutions platform leverages behavioral analysis capabilities to facilitate development.

AI for enhanced interaction between humans and digital systems

The AI platform supports the development of new forms of interaction between humans and digital systems and the automation of functions.


It leverages the touch screens, haptic and vibration systems, and other interfaces developed by CEA-List to reduce the user’s cognitive load. The platform also utilizes communications protocols suitable for IoT devices. These protocols are frugal in terms of computing and energy resources, secure, reliable, and remote-management-enabled.


Users also have access to MobileMii, a 160 sq. m lab for the study, development, and implementation of innovative smart home services. In addition to smart home and assisted living solutions, MobileMii also develops innovative solutions to enable collaboration in meetings, for example.

Success story

Arcure: an embedded 3D camera that keeps pedestrians safe around industrial vehicles

Arcure’s Blaxtair smart camera, developed with CEA-List and used by customers around the globe, prevents collisions between vehicles and mobile equipment and pedestrians in industrial facilities and on construction sites.

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  • François Terrier
    Head of the Artificial Intelligence Program

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