Joint R&D labs: for collaboration on multiple projects

CEA-List’s joint R&D labs are ideal for startups and established companies of all sizes planning to conduct multiple R&D projects around a common topic.

If your company is looking to explore a new innovation that involves multiple technology-related development projects, why not form a joint R&D lab with CEA-List?

We’ll work with you to create a development roadmap and put together a joint team. Our people will work together—either on your premises or ours—sharing facilities, equipment, methods, and know-how.

The joint lab’s governance mechanisms will be clearly set out in the partnership contract.

3 key features of a joint R&D lab

  • We will sign a contract with you that clearly sets out what you want to achieve, and what resources each party will share with the other.
  • Our joint R&D labs run for a minimum of 3 years (renewable contract), helping you structure your R&D activities.
  • Each joint lab addresses multiple projects.

Who it is for

A joint R&D lab provides a robust framework for a strong, long-term partnership. Our joint R&D labs have an excellent track record with our partners, helping them effectively manage multiple projects with stringent time, cost, and quality requirements.

CEA-List forms joint R&D labs with companies of all kinds and sizes, from startups and small businesses to mid-caps and corporations.

Resources provided by CEA-List

All joint R&D labs have:

  • A steering committee
  • A manager
  • A project manager for each project
  • Research teams
  • Access to research, design, and project management tools
  • Dedicated shared facilities

How it works

Every partnership is unique, so we’ll tailor the process to suit you, but these are the key steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting: Most of our partnerships begin with a meeting. Sometimes a company will contact CEA-List directly; other times we approach companies to propose a partnership. The idea is to get acquainted and give you an opportunity to tell us about your project.
  2. Project analysis: We will work with you to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with each project.
  3. Joint lab set-up: We will determine where and how the lab will be set up, and what facilities will be made available.
  4. Contract preparation and signature: Based on the preliminary discussions, we will draw up a contract for you to approve and sign.
  5. Kickoff: With the contractual framework and governance mechanisms in place, work can begin. We will monitor progress throughout to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

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Let’s become partners

Effective innovation protection mechanisms

CEA-List has implemented a robust intellectual property policy to secure the commercialization of innovations developed through R&D partnerships.
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Let's become partners

Reasons to choose CEA-List

Our mission is to help our partner companies build their future industrial and business models on new and innovative products and services.
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