CISLAB: Advanced sensor and instrumentation system design and qualification

The CISLAB technology platform is the only center of its kind in France, and is home to a unique set of skills, software, and equipment for the design, testing, and qualification of innovative sensors and instrumentation systems.

A unique blend of know-how and technology

CISLAB is a specialist platform for the development and qualification of instrumentation systems for science and industry. We provide partner companies with the facilities and support they need to design and create prototypes of new measurement tools and test these tools in real-world conditions for qualification purposes.

CISLAB, located in Paris-Saclay, is unique in France and is ideally positioned to respond to partners’ needs with know-how in six fields relevant to sensor and instrumentation system design, testing, and qualification:

  • Chemistry and materials science
  • Sensors
  • Physics modelling and simulation
  • Metrology
  • Signal processing and AI
  • Electronics

Key areas of activity include predictive monitoring for industrial applications, nuclear instrumentation, digital health, security, and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives) risks.

The platform has already played host to major companies such as Bertin, EDF, Nicomatic, Nexans, Nuvia, Orano, Safran, and WiN MS.

2 600 sq. m

of facilities



€4,5 M

in investments


R&D projects



7 development laboratories

Our platform consists of seven fully equipped development laboratories, each focusing on one key area:

  • Chemical processes and analysis
  • Spectrometry and radiation imaging
  • Fiber Lab (photonic/fiber optic components)
  • Wiring diagnostics
  • Embedded electronics and algorithms
  • Systems integration and prototyping
  • Irradiation and characterization under irradiation

CISLAB specializes in developments featuring cutting-edge sensor technology:

  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Ionizing radiation measurement systems
  • Diamond sensors
  • Tools for electric wiring diagnostics (reflectometry)

Developing new plastic scintillators to detect ionizing radiation.

Creating fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) for multi-point temperature or strain measurements.

Electronic circuit card featuring a multi-sensor SAW (surface acoustic wave) module for toxic chemical detection.

Characterizing and testing instrumentation systems

In addition to designing innovative instrumentation systems, the CISLAB platform provides metrological characterization and testing facilities for industrial and academic use. These resources are particularly helpful for ensuring that new equipment is compliant with standards. We also help train and support the end users of the tools developed at our site, both in terms of implementation and the interpretation of results.

Our work covers a wide range of different measurement systems specifically tailored to each use case.

Karim Boudergui

head of the sensors and instrumentation service — CEA-List
Success story

NanoPix: the world’s smallest gamma camera

Nanopix, the world’s most compact gamma camera, was designed, developed, and tested at CISLAB. At just 8 cm in diameter and 5 cm deep, Nanopix weighs in at a feather-light 412 g and can be mounted on remote-controlled robotic devices and drones. Nanopix is designed for radiation monitoring and/or protection operations in hard-to-access or dangerous areas, such as in the hot cells at the Orano La Hague nuclear reprocessing site, where the camera is used for radiation mapping.

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  • Delphine Lazaro
    Program Director, Nuclear Instrumentation<br /> Department of Metrology, Instrumentation and Information

    CEA Saclay CISLAB
    Bât. 565-Pièce 2014 | PC181
    F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

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