DOSEO: radiotherapy, radiology, and radiation protection technologies

DOSEO develops technologies to make the use of ionizing radiation for medical purposes safer and to improve exposure monitoring. The platform has the necessary equipment to measure doses in conditions as close as possible to those encountered in clinical settings and to support the development of optimized hardware and software.


The only facility of its kind in Europe

DOSEO, located in Paris-Saclay, is the only technology research facility of its kind in Europe. It was created to optimize and control the risks of ionizing radiation use in medical and industrial settings. Clinicians, equipment manufacturers, academic research scientists, and regulatory authorities can access DOSEO’s reference beams and a fleet of equipment representative of the installed base of equipment currently in use. They can also work with DOSEO’s ionizing radiation dose metrology, simulation, calculation, and optimization experts. DOSEO was created in 2014 with LNE (French national laboratory for metrology and testing) and INCa (French National Cancer Institute).

2 400 sq. m

of facilities

€18 M

including €8 million in equipment purchases



Working with DOSEO

DOSEO provides clinicians, equipment manufacturers, academic research scientists, and regulatory authorities with access to equipment representative of that used in the field:

  • Two radiotherapy accelerators
  • Medical imaging scanner, mammography machine, X-ray machine
  • Iridium 192 and cobalt 60 brachytherapy projector
  • Cobalt 60 irradiator
  • Beta emitting sources
  • Dosimetric and spectrometric measurement equipment


The facility offers a variety of services and partnerships:

  • Development and laboratory testing via collaborative R&D projects and contract R&D services
  • Calibration of medical and radiation protection dosimeters
  • Testing and characterization of innovative software, detectors, and other products
  • Development of protocols before commercialization
  • Interlaboratory testing
  • Training on machines, lab/practicum/clinical training


Research at DOSEO is conducted in partnership with medical physicists, equipment manufacturers, academic research labs, and regulatory authorities, who all enjoy access to the facility’s equipment.

The topics addressed include the calculation of new dosimetric quantities and the development of measurement instruments. DOSEO also develops Monte Carlo simulation codes and variance reduction methods to calculate doses under a variety of irradiation conditions.

Finally, DOSEO can also model the activation levels of medical equipment like medical accelerators and cyclotrons at the end of their useful lifetime to improve the management of waste generated during decommissioning.

Varian TrueBeam® accelerator

The Varian TrueBeam® accelerator is an essential tool in the maintenance and improvement of existing reference beams, and in the development of metrological references for new treatment modalities and their transfer to clinical radiotherapy departments. It is also used to develop new radiotherapy quality control systems.

© Philippe Dureuil/CEA
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Elekta Versa HD™ accelerator

Used for research and development in external radiotherapy and the associated imaging techniques. It is also used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) to determine its dosimetric references. © Laurence Godart/CEA

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Best Theratronics GBX200 Cobalt 60 research irradiator

Used to calibrate medical dosimeters used in clinical departments to the monitor radiotherapy beams delivered by medical accelerators. Also used to calibrate and/or qualify radiation protection dosimeters.

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BEBIG multi-source HDR brachytherapy projector

High dose rate (HDR) cobalt 60 and iridium 192 brachytherapy projector. A periodically established and regularly improved national HDR reference is used to calibrate medical dosimeters sent in by brachytherapy departments.

Develop and transfer France’s dosimetric references

LNE is France’s national testing and measurement lab and the coordinator of the country’s metrology network. It has entrusted CEA-List and its Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNHB) with its ionizing radiation metrology activities. Whether it is for medical purposes or in industry, the use of ionizing radiation is constantly changing as new internal and external radiation therapy techniques, ionizing radiation sources, and detectors are developed and the regulatory landscape evolves. In this fast-paced environment, LNHB develops appropriate metrological references to evaluate the doses received.

DOSEO provides us with exactly what we need: access to the latest generation of medical accelerators for radiation therapy so that we can do international comparisons, calibrate certain national labs’ reference dosimeters, and conduct ionizing radiation metrology R&D projects.

Martin Milton

Director — International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)
Success story

RT3C for optimized radiotherapy quality control

RT3C, a company that provides commissioning, consulting, and computing services to radiotherapy departments, has licensed a software application developed by CEA-List to optimize treatment plans. The software helps medical physicists complete quality controls on intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) treatment plans. It leverages a statistical learning algorithm trained on treatment plans to predict the complexity of the quality controls needed.


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