R&D contracts, a rapid response to short-term research needs

CEA-List’s R&D contracts are perfect for startups and established companies of all sizes to speed up the development of a particular technology.

You’ve identified an innovative concept. It’s a promising solution capable of giving your company a decisive competitive advantage, but to move forward you need a technological breakthrough. If this sounds familiar, you need a partner capable of assessing the technical feasibility of your new concept, providing you with market research to confirm that your solution will be a commercial success, and shortening time to market.

An R&D contract with CEA-List is the ideal solution.

3 key features of an R&D contract

  • We will sign a contract with you that clearly sets out what you want to achieve and how CEA-List will support you.
  • You will be CEA-List’s only partner on your project, all information relating to your project will be kept confidential, and you will benefit from the expertise of CEA-List’s research teams.
  • Each contract covers a specific project, and has a limited term (6 to 24 months).

Who it is for

CEA-List signs R&D contracts with companies of all sizes—startups, small and medium-sized companies, and corporations.

This type of contract accounts for 25% of all our partnerships. Experience has shown us that it’s an efficient framework for short-term projects with stringent time, cost, and quality requirements.

Resources provided by CEA-List

CEA-List will:

  • Appoint an account manager, who will be your main point of contact at CEA-List.
  • Assign a team of researchers and a project manager to work with you throughout the contract.
  • Give you access to research, design, and project management tools.
  • Follow up with you after the final handover to make sure your project is a success.

How it works

Every partnership is unique, so we’ll tailor the process to suit you, but these are the key steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting: Most of our partnerships begin with a meeting. Sometimes a company will contact CEA-List directly; other times we approach companies to propose a partnership. The idea is to get acquainted and give you an opportunity to tell us about your project.
  2. Project analysis: We will work with you to identify key challenges and opportunities and define a business model.
  3. Contract preparation and signature: Based on the preliminary discussions, we will draw up a contract for you to approve and sign.
  4. Kickoff: With the contractual framework in place, work can begin. We will monitor progress throughout to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

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Let’s become partners

Effective innovation protection mechanisms

CEA-List has implemented a robust intellectual property policy to secure the commercialization of innovations developed through R&D partnerships.
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Let's become partners

Reasons to choose CEA-List

Our mission is to help our partner companies build their future industrial and business models on new and innovative products and services.
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