Workshop • November 21, 2022

ADAPT Cascade Competition: Sim2Real object Detection and Pose-Estimation Challenge

If you are interested in benchmarking and testing your Machine Learning algorithms and solutions for typical industrial challenges, METRICS/ADAPT Campaigns is a platform to consider.

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Forum • October 13, 2022

SIDO 2022

CEA List will participate in 2 conferences at SIDO Paris, an event dedicated to the convergence of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and XR Solutions and Technologies.

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Conference • August 11, 2022

Ro-Man 2022

CEA-List will be present at the 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (Ro-Man).

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Forum • June 27, 2022

ERF 2022

CEA-List will be one of the key players in the upcoming European Robotics Forum (ERF 2022) in Rotterdam.

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Technological advances • June 16, 2022

June 16, 2022 | Safer radiological contamination assessments

When a radiological attack occurs, first responders need fast, reliable, automated detection and measurement solutions to assess the situation safely. In research for the EU TERRIFFIC project, CEA-List helped develop a new device that does just that.

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Research programs • April 4, 2022


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Technology platforms • April 4, 2022

SMART interactive robotics platform

Improve robots’ capabilities and develop new ways of interaction with humans.

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Research programs • March 18, 2022

Smart robotics

Creating smart interactive robots to serve humans.

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