R&D partnership managers play a crucial role in our projects

CEA-List partnership managers are key stakeholders in the institute’s partnership strategy. They manage all aspects of the customer relationship with our R&D partner companies. They also keep an eye on every project to ensure that contracts are executed according to plan.

Key responsibilities

Partnership managers are responsible for CEA-List’s relationships with R&D partner companies. Their role consists of negotiating the terms and conditions of the partnership, ensuring that the partnership runs smoothly, and facilitating communication between the partner’s and CEA-List’s staff for the duration of the partnership.

Partnership managers play an important role. Their responsibilities include:


  • Helping shape CEA-List’s partnership strategy.
  • Reaching out to prospective R&D customers to bring in new partnerships.
  • Coordinating with the labs involved to set up new partnerships.
  • Analyzing the results and evaluating the performance of each partnership.
  • Keeping projects moving forward on time and on budget.

Education and skills

  • Masters or PhD.
  • An engineering background and a solid understanding of technical issues and R&D.
  • CEA-List provides in-service sales and contract management training.


  • Solutions-oriented and proactive.
  • Excellent communication and persuasion skills.
  • Strong command of sales and negotiation techniques.
  • An appetite for learning and an interest in new technologies.

Career advancement at CEA-List

CEA-List offers its partnership managers a variety of exciting career paths:

  • Promotions to senior partnership management positions with responsibility for increasingly large projects
  • Promotion to key account management positions
  • Laboratory manager
  • Switch to a different job category

Career opportunities | Switch to a different job category

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