Transferring technology through startups

Since 2003, CEA-List has spun off more than 28 startups—a direct result of our innovative research in cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence, digital trust, and the Factory of the Future. Together with a few more young companies that benefit from our development work, these startups form an ecosystem that channels technology and know-how to the market.

CEA-List startups help bring new technologies to the market

Since 2003, CEA-List research has spun off no fewer than 28 startups. They take the technologies we develop and scale them up, creating successful products and services that satisfy unmet market needs.

Our own startups—along with a few others that work closely with us—are an integral part of our ecosystem, where they act as technology providers, channeling innovations and know-how from our labs to other companies for integration into new products and solutions.

They’re familiar with the challenges facing key markets and industries, so they’re well positioned to identify new needs. As their leading R&D partner, CEA-List—and the CEA more broadly—helps them respond to new market demand and stay ahead of their competitors.


startups created since 2003 including 4 since 2020


jobs created

€30 M

in combined annual sales


Using AI to improve animal welfare and boost productivity

Founded in April 2020 by veterinarians, AI programmers, and management specialists, AIHerd has developed a video solution that analyzes cattle behavior and health in real time.

Learn more about AIHerd


Collaborative document management

ANT’inno is the maker of Ant’box, an electronic document and knowledge management solution. Users can save files in any medium or language, without the hassle of organizing them.

Learn more about ANT’inno


Using smart vision to detect pedestrians

Arcure’s embedded camera works in real time, enabling robots and industrial vehicles to avoid collisions with pedestrians on construction sites and factory floors. The company is a leader in perimeter protection, with exports accounting for two-thirds of its sales.

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Monitoring production infrastructures

Bag-Era’s manufacturing infrastructure integration and monitoring solutions help modernize and improve industrial systems.

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Precision indoor location for Industry 4.0

Since 2010, BeSpoon has offered real-time, chip-based indoor and outdoor location systems accurate to within a centimeter for industrial and consumer use cases. The company was acquired by STMicroelectronics in 2020.

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3D measurement for industry

ActiCM, a CEA-List startup, was acquired in 2009 by the Canadian company Creaform. Thanks to its expertise in 3D measurement by optical triangulation, production operators now have quality control solutions for industrial parts that are accurate to within tens of microns.

Learn more about Creaform

Connecting Food

A platform for food transparency

In 2018 CEA-List created a joint lab with startup Connecting Food. Together, we’ve developed a blockchain-based digital food auditing solution that delivers full product traceability and ensures that every promise made to the consumer is kept.

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Boosting speed and reliability with augmented reality

Diota offers augmented reality solutions that make high-value-added industrial tasks faster and more reliable. Its customers include Dassault Aviation, TotalEnergies, Bouygues Construction, and other leading industrial companies.

Learn more about Diota


Optimizing radiation risk management

Founded in 2009, Esprimed enables medical centers to simulate, calculate, and optimize the doses delivered by their interventional radiology equipment.

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Simulating non-destructive testing

This startup distributes CIVA software, developed by CEA-List. With support from Extende’s experts, customers in industry use CIVA to simulate top non-destructive testing methods—ultrasonic testing, eddy current and radiography.

Learn more about Extende


Force feedback systems

Haption’s force feedback systems are an outgrowth of 30 years of research at CEA-List. These powerful tools use a digital model to simulate future manufacturing tasks—even before the product exists.

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Virtual reality solutions for healthcare professionals

With HRV’s tools, healthcare professionals learn clinical skills by practicing on virtual manikins. The company’s technology can also analyze workstations to prevent repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

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Value-added detection solutions

Movea specializes in embedded data-fusion software. It was acquired by US-based InvenSense in 2014 to develop new detection solutions for connected objects, sports and leisure, drones, robotics, and more.

Learn more about InvenSense


Collaborative robots for industry

Isybot is reinventing industrial tasks like sanding, polishing, and painting, with safe, lightweight, easy-to-program robots that can work alone or assist human operators.

Learn more about Isybot


Ultra-fast programmable processors

Kalray is developing a new generation of programmable processors based on massively parallel architecture supporting several hundred cores. This breakthrough technology has multiple advantages: powerful processing, energy efficiency, fast programming, and low costs.

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Making cities smarter with digital twin technology

Kentyou offers digital twin solutions that collect and analyze urban data—generated by connected objects, open data platforms, interactive apps and more—to create new digital services. The company was founded in 2020.

Learn more about Kentyou


Creating critical, real-time embedded applications

Krono-Safe is the maker of Asterios, an environment that automates development of critical, real-time applications without compromising on performance or safety. Founded in 2011, Krono-Safe counts Alstom, Delphi, Safran, and Schneider Electric among its customers.

Learn more about Krono-Safe

Light & Shadows

Personalized augmented and virtual reality solutions

Light & Shadows supplies innovative immersive solutions for training employees and analyzing performance and ergonomics. CEA-List’s highly accurate physics engine enables users to run complex simulations that combine real-space collision detection with digital data from CAD/point clouds.

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Non-intrusive ultrasonic testing

Acquired by Eddyfi Technologies in 2018, M2M makes phased-array ultrasound non-destructive testing equipment for sensitive infrastructures. These products leverage CIVA simulation software—the undisputed leader in NDT simulation worldwide—and the company focuses primarily on customers in the nuclear industry, aeronautics, and oil and gas.

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Cyclife Digital Solutions

3D simulation for the nuclear industry

Cyclife Digital Solutions (formerly Oreka Solutions) offers digital 3D simulation solutions for scenario-planning and optimizing nuclear decommissioning. The company was acquired by EDF and integrated into EDF New Business in May 2018.

Learn more about Cyclife Digital Solutions


Reducing physical demands on industrial workers

RB3D designs custom cobots and exoskeletons to help workers handle tools and heavy loads. These sophisticated products interact constantly with human operators and are able to perform complex tasks.

Learn more about RB3D


Enhanced security for online data exchange

Founded in 2021, Snowpack plans to become the world’s No. 1 provider of network invisibility solutions. Its technology—comparable to a network jammer—combines anonymization with security, eliminating the need to trust underlying hardware and software. Snowpack’s offer is particularly valuable for cybersecurity players who want to differentiate themselves by offering services that can withstand internal and external threats.

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Sport Quantum

Interactive, connected electronic shooting targets

Sport Quantum’s interactive electronic targets give shooters real-time scores that can be analyzed, archived, and shared. This solution also enables new approaches to training, competition, and connected shooting.

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Ultra-fast 3D multispectral industrial vision

Tridimeo offers high-precision, ultra-fast 3D vision solutions for high-throughput quality inspection, reliable picking and sorting, palletization, and automated robot control, even in settings with variable ambient light. For customers, Tridimeo means embedded 3D registration that’s easy to use.

Learn more about Tridimeo


Formal proof of code immunity

TrustInSoft delivers mathematical proof of code immunity, guaranteeing software engineers that their products can withstand the most common types of cyberattacks. Its peerless solution has earned the recognition of a leading US standards organization.

Learn more about TrustInSoft

Win MS

Reflectometry-powered wiring diagnostics

WiN MS serves customers in aerospace and rail, delivering high-precision, reliable solutions that detect and locate wiring faults—short circuits, open circuits, and local damage.

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Generating BIMs from 2D building plans

WiseBIM generates online Building Information Models (BIMs) in IFC format from paper-based or digital 2D building plans. Artificial intelligence speeds the process for major construction companies and subsidized housing and real estate portfolio managers, cutting conversion time by 30%-50%.

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