Technology platforms • April 4, 2022

Non-Destructive Testing platform

A 500-square-meter platform for experimenting with inspection methods using ultrasound and guided waves, electromagnetic methods, radiography, and tomography.

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Research programs • March 13, 2022

User-driven development

CEA-List is developing AI use cases in strategic areas such as the Factory of the Future, mobility, and health.

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Success Story • March 12, 2022


CIVA, the simulation tool for non-destructive testing distributed by Extende, dominates its market with 350 users worldwide.

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Software development environments • March 10, 2022


Simulation for the design, optimization, performance demonstration, and calculation of probability of detection of non-destructive testing procedures.

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Research programs • March 6, 2022

Multi-sensor and multi-mode technologies

CEA-List is developing multi-sensor and multi-mode technologies for the analysis of large manufactured parts and continuous measurement.

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