Paris Air Show: KUKA and the CEA announce their technological partnership on the Cobomanip

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Paris, June 21st, 2023 – For this 54th edition of Le Bourget Paris Airshow, KUKA and CEA are announcing their technological partnership around Paris Air Show Cobomanip, a load manipulator (cobot) combining high precision and force feed-back.

The result of 10 years’ research at the CEA’s List digital institute, Cobomanip provides phys-ical assistance to operators during the precise handling of large loads in complex environ-ments. This cobot enables very high-precision positioning (to within a tenth of a millime-ter) of parts weighing up to 125 kg, while managing guidance and collision avoidance[1].

These features make Cobomanip a cobotic solution without equal on the market, addressing the needs of the aeronautics sector: precise load handling, operator safety, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

In this partnership, KUKA brings its knowledge and understanding of the industry to bear in deploying the right solution to meet production constraints.

The collaboration between the CEA and KUKA will enable the development of new products and uses for the benefit of manufacturers. While the primary market is the aerospace industry, the entire manufacturing sector could benefit.

[1] Within a range of 3.7 m

The need for flexibility and precision makes it difficult to robotize aeronautical tasks. Cobomanip makes it possible to support increased production rates with precise and ergonomic assisted handling

Philippe Prat

CEO — Kuka Aerospace Systems France

the CEA is committed to the development of high-performance cobots, which, combined with other technological building blocks such as digital twins, represent a vector for competitiveness and improved quality of working life. This new collaboration with KUKA, one of the world's leading players in robotics, is a perfect fit with our ambition to help strengthen France's industrial fabric

Alexandre Bounouh

Director — CEA-List

Application of Cobomanip to the handling of aeronautical structures

Copyright: Cyrille Dupont

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