NEON: a software module for robust, resilient, and reconfigurable communications management

NEON is an SDN (Software Defined Networking) solution for heterogeneous (multi-protocol and/or multi-technology) networks. NEON can autonomously control communications network infrastructure to respond in real time to performance, reliability, and security needs.


Rapidly create and deploy powerful, resilient network software services

NEON can rapidly create and deploy differentiating virtualized network software services.

It allows organizations to implement the SDN (Software Defined Networking) approach to network management, with an expanded scope that encompasses:

  • Management of Edge access technologies
  • High resilience by default with distributed implementation of several SDN controllers
  • Extended programming and monitoring capabilities to interface with networks, equipment, and protocols that don’t natively support SDN

Simplified programming and the power of AI

NEON also features programmability support, meaning that new services can easily be developed.

It also implements AI primitives that ensure optimal leveraging of contextual information during network reconfiguration in order to maximize satisfaction of application requirements every time.


A myriad of services

NEON enables a wide range of services like:

  • Bandwidth aggregation: Individual bandwidths from different physical interfaces within the same system are added together to obtain a maximum bandwidth.
  • Prediction and prevention of network congestion: AI can predict network congestion up to 15 seconds in advance and take appropriate countermeasures to prevent it, using the vast arsenal of techniques made possible by SDN.
  • Control and reconfiguration of the complex protocols used in deterministic ethernet (802.1TSN) and wireless communications (such as 5GC).
  • Agile deployment and resource use optimization for field networks.

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