July 28, 2021 | CEA-List automates communication network configuration

28 juillet 2021 | Le CEA-List automatise la configuration des réseaux de communication
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Communication network management and configuration tools developed by CEA-List, a CEA Tech institute, recently enabled autonomous vehicle platooning for the EU Autopilot project, but the potential applications for these tools are much wider.

Platooning, a method for driving a group of vehicles in a convoy, can now be done without the vehicles being physically connected and without a driver in each vehicle! A human driver is required only for the lead vehicle; the others can now follow all by themselves. This advance is the result of the EU Autopilot project to implement a novel automated platooning technology. The success of this project underscores the benefits CEA-List’s Carnot institute real-time autonomous network management tools can bring to new use cases.

CEA-List’s Neon, a dynamic configuration and management tool for communication networks, effectively coordinates network addressing and optimizes radio frequency and communication protocol utilization between elements on the network. Artificial intelligence prevents events like network congestion and cyberattacks in real time, enabling a greater degree of automation while also making the system more agile.

These network configuration and management technologies have now proven their worth in the Autopilot project, paving the way toward implementation in scenarios ranging from IoT to defense. The tools are already being used in a new project to automate a connected factory by allowing it to dynamically reconfigure the network with guaranteed performance in terms of latency.


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