The French Research Institute CEA-List invests in a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Development Platform from StreetDrone

CEA-List, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) institute dedicated to Smart Digital Systems, has taken delivery of a new self-driving vehicle supplied by StreetDrone. The StreetDrone Twizy will help CEA List’s researchers to develop and deploy advanced technologies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

CEA List R&D programs address major economic and societal challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, industry of the future, cyber-physical systems and digital health. Specifically in the mobility field, CEA List is developing safe, secure, sustainable CAV solutions and has an extensive expertise to develop and validate: hardware and sensor architectures, perception algorithms and sensor fusion technologies, localization, navigation, and decision-making functionalities.

The StreetDrone platform has been acquired as part of a “Carnauto” project, a network of nine major stakeholders in French public research certified by the French National Research Agency and dedicated to the automotive industry and the ground mobility sector.

StreetDrone autonomous-ready vehicle, equipped with sensors, drive-by-wire and compatible with open-source self-driving stacks such as Project Aslan, will help researchers develop and test advanced technologies for driver-assistance based on environment perception algorithms.

Mike Potts, CEO of StreetDrone commented,

“CEA List choosing StreetDrone’s Twizy-based platform for their research and development programs is extremely exciting for us at StreetDrone. Our first French customer has a significant presence in cutting-edge future mobility projects, including Carnauto, and has the potential to bring some very exciting developments to the wider Connected and Automated vehicle industry.

We look forward to supporting CEA List’s vehicle program and we’ll be eagerly following their progress.”

Alexandre Bounouh, CEO, CEA List, adds:

“CEA List developed a modular, flexible, efficient centralized, service-oriented architecture, compatible with most existing automotive sensors and actuators such as those equipping the StreetDrone’s autonomous-ready vehicle. This will help our researchers and industrial partners to benefit from this centralized architecture, as well as the development and deployment tools of our newly created startup Alkalee, in order to prototype and deploy advanced technology for connected and autonomous vehicles.

We look forward to expanding our collaborations and new projects, building off the solid base provided by StreetDrone’s vehicle”.

For more information on StreetDrone’s research and development platforms, contact Dotun Ibukun, Business Development Manager.

For more information on CEA List’s work in Connected and Automated Mobility, please contact Yann Gallais, Mobility program manager