April 10, 2020 | To combine agility and competitivity in manufacturing industry? The EU DIMOFAC project takes up the challenge!

Mass customization in a context of mass individualization or reorienting its production capacities to respond to a shortage in times of crisis are real challenges! How to reconfigure production tools while remaining competitive?

The solution is to combine a more agile organization and modular production lines with digital simulation to optimize the industrial manufacturing processes. The EU DIMOFAC project, which was officially launched in November 2019 at the CEA Grenoble premises (France), will develop enabling technologies.

The project aims at providing manufacturers with digital solutions for modeling and reconfiguring the production tool through the digital twin. This tool dynamically reproduces the production line at all points, making it possible to monitor operations, test different scenarios, and even control and reconfigure the physical line.

The ambition of the CEA-List and Liten Carnot Institutes teams is to lay the foundations for a standardization of industrial architectures. “The idea is to make this digital twin and production systems modularity replicable, based on the Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) methodology” explains CEA List’s researcher Arnaud Cuccuru.

Demonstrators will be implemented on project partners’ production lines, thanks to the tools developed by the CEA, such as CIVA for automated on-line non-destructive testing (NDT) and mostly, Papyrus for the functional digital twin of manufacturing production lines.

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