Cingulata, for applications that can process encrypted data without decrypting it

Cingulata is used to develop applications capable of processing encrypted data without having to decrypt it. With Cingulata, processing data in the cloud or in collaborative workflows no longer has to compromise data privacy.


Protecting the privacy of processed data

Cingulata is a compilation chain that can process encrypted data without having to decrypt it. It is useful in collaborative workflows, for example, for applications requiring the processing of customer or partner data without compromising the privacy of the information the data contains.

Using fully homomorphic encryption, an advanced encryption technique, Cingulata creates, optimizes, and deploys applications capable of processing encrypted data on remote servers, guaranteeing end-to-end privacy. With Cingulata, partners can exchange and process confidential data without revealing the information the data contains. It can also be used to develop cloud-based services that can analyze encrypted confidential data, without revealing the information in the data or the results of the analysis.

This open-source software meets a wide range of needs in the defense, energy, health, biometrics, multi-mode transportation, manufacturing, and other industries.


Performance and market potential

Cingulata offers several major advantages:

  • A fully homomorphic encryption system that supports a wide range of potential applications.
  • High potential for growth on the data processing services market.
  • Intrinsic performance backed by automated optimization and parallelization of the code generated.

Innovative, trusted digital services

  • Predictive maintenance: Bring your customers innovative data analysis services that protect the trade secrets in their data.
  • Protect your know-how and data by giving your service providers access to encrypted data only.
  • AI: Expand your learning datasets by sharing encrypted data with your ecosystem.
  • Manufacturing: Speed up your product qualification process by exchanging encrypted data with your ecosystem to rapidly check compatibility and identify or diagnose any major issues.
  • Cloud services: Offer innovative services that protect your customers’ data.
Success story

Faster cloud processing on encrypted data

Scalnyx partnered with CEA-List to develop a secure-by-design solution to speed up processing on encrypted data. Performance is still a major challenge for this type of processing. Scaltrust, the solution developed by Scalnyx, leverages CEA-List’s Cingulata compilation chain and Scalnyx’s software acceleration technology.

Learn more about the R&D partnership between Scalnyx and the CEA.


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