March 4, 2021 | HiPEAC Vision 2021

04 mars 2021 | HiPEAC Vision 2021
Over the past 30 years, especially since the advent of the Internet, computers have changed our way of life. Computer systems have become increasingly complex and their use has expanded in a wider range of situations and contexts.

To prepare the systems of tomorrow that will need to keep pace with Europe’s societal needs, the European network HiPEAC has published its “Vision 2021” report which recommends a series of steps and measures to ensure that Europe makes the most of what IT can offer while managing and mastering societal and technological challenges and risks.

Marc Duranton, CEA List’s expert and coordinator of the HiPEAC Vision activity, presents the conclusions and recommendations of this work, and more specifically how improving cyber physical systems with artificial intelligence will lead to an increased need for trust, autonomy, safety, security and efficiency, while requiring low energy and low environmental impact.

To achieve these goals, HiPEAC proposes the launch of an ambitious multidisciplinary European program, nicknamed “Guardian Angels”, paving the way towards the Internet of tomorrow.

Marc Duranton HPC Wire interview: