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The CEA-List institute is part of the scientific committee of upcoming CIMI (Toulouse’ International Center for Mathematics and Computer Science) thematic trimester dedicated to recent developments and challenges of high-dimensional statistical inference & machine learning. An opening symposium, two thematic schools and a workshop will be held this autumn at Toulouse’s Paul Sabatier University.


  • 11th September:

An opening colloquium about recent developments and challenges of high-dimensional statistical inference and machine learning. Speakers: Lenka Zdeborová (EPFL, Switzerland) and Andrea Montanari (Stanford, USA)


  • 7th to 11th October:

Thematic School: “Optimization & Algorithms”, featuring mini-courses on the study of high-dimensional (random) optimization landscapes, on the dynamics of optimization algorithms in high dimensions, on approximate message passing algorithms, and related topics.

List of speakers and subjects: here


  • 14th to 18th October:

Thematic School: “Models & Methods”, on tools and techniques for the analysis of high-dimensional models in statistical inference and machine learning, including tools from random matrix theory, statistical physics and spin glasses.

List of speakers and subjects: here.


  • 4th to 8th November:

Workshop: Recent developments beyond classical regimes in statistical learning

This workshop is focused on recent results on high-dimensional (supervised and unsupervised) machine learning and statistical inference. It will in particular involve a round-table debate with top experts on this domain about the major open problems on the field and some promising trends and recent developments.

Program, speakers and registration: please click here.

PhD students are funded (travel and accommodation) in some conditions, if they register as soon as possible and send a topic compliant CV.

Researchers can register during the month of June here.