June 4, 2021 | The CEA List Carnot Institute 2020 Annual Report is here!

I am pleased to announce that the CEA List 2020 Annual Report is now available. The report puts the spotlight on how we are innovating in digital technology in ways that serve France’s economy and society. I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the extraordinary resilience and agility of our people during a year that was made particularly challenging by the pandemic. They continued to do excellent scientific research and technology development work that resulted in major publications and nearly a hundred patents.
To support our mission of transferring new technologies to industry, we initiated several R&D partnerships with companies in France and internationally. For businesses, the pace of digital transformation accelerated over the course of the year. Our goal is to support this transition through technological innovation.
Our results in AI are among the highlights you will find in this year’s Annual Report. Specifically, we completed validation testing on a deep learning algorithm using formal methods—a first. We also developed a new embedded AI circuit and a design and testing environment for upgradeable, expandable AI solutions. We also made breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing, another one of our flagship research areas. These included a far-reaching project to develop a companion robot for the industry of the future, and an innovative new rail-industry SHM tool to detect defects in rails.

Alexandre Bounouh, Director, CEA List

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