July 19, 2021 | Divora automates report writing at work

19 juillet 2021 | Divora automatise la rédaction de rapports professionnels
© Golden Sikorka – AdobeStock
The Divora automated voice-dictation report-generation tool is built on a multilingual language analyzer developed by CEA-List, a CEA Tech institute. The tool saves time and enhances the quality of the information recorded.

Written reports are one of the main ways that organizations capture and pass on knowledge. But to be effective, an organization’s knowledge management system needs complete, clearly-written reports. In research conducted at FactoryLab, CEA-List Carnot institute developed a smart voice-dictation tool called Divora that can automate the generation of written reports. The idea is for users to be able to dictate their reports into a mobile device right from the worksite.

A first module leverages a speech recognition technology to convert speech into text. The text then goes through a second module, built on CEA-List’s LIMA multilingual analyzer, where terms significant to the automated generation of the report and the semantic relationships between these terms are identified.

Here, the module was tailored to construction site inspection and management.

Prototypes were implemented on two use cases: forklift inspection reports for standards organization Bureau Veritas and worksite status reports for Vinci Construction. The demonstrators worked as intended, producing clear reports, some in table format. Not only is the tool a time saver, but it also helps ensure high-quality information. Next, the researchers will make some adaptations to Divora for healthcare and e-commerce use cases.

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