February 6, 2020 | Kalray sets sights on Chinese market

Kalray, which completed its IPO last year, recently signed a distribution contract that will bring its intensive computing solutions for artificial intelligence to the rapidly-growing Chinese market.

Artificial intelligence is no longer just something out of a sci-fi novel—it is making our electronic gadgets, digital assistants, and even our cars more and more “human”. The number of potential uses for AI is growing, and demand for increasingly powerful processors is higher than ever. Founded in 2008 as a spinoff of CEA Tech institute Leti, Kalray has developed a manycore processor with up to 80 cores specifically for the autonomous vehicle and data center markets.

Today Kalray is present in several European countries as well as in the United States. The company is now setting its sights on China, with its recent announcement of a distribution partnership with Intron Technology, a provider of high-growth technologies to markets that include China. The partnership will give Kalray a prime opportunity to bring its smart processor and local tech support to manufacturers in China.

Kalray’s architecture is capable of processing large volumes of data and trillions of instructions in parallel and in real time. The company has just released the third generation of its processor, which was designed for the execution of advanced applications for artificial intelligence.

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