European Cyber Week

The CEA is a partner of the 6th edition of the European Cyber Week, which will be held from November 16 to 18, 2021 in Rennes.

From 16 Nov. To 18 Nov 2021

The European Cyber Week is an opportunity to discuss around fifteen events promoting training, research and innovation, economic and industrial development, recruitment activities.

Teams from the Carnot CEA List Institute will speak at conferences and present several technological demonstrators on data security:

  • CINGULATA, for calculation on encrypted data without decrypting them in order to guarantee their confidentiality,
  • the COGITO compiler, for protecting the data of an on-board system against attacks by auxiliary channels and fault injections, thanks to the automatic addition of countermeasures,
  • LEIA, a software analysis platform that offers strong guarantees on the security of the programs analyze,
  • SIGMO-IDS: detecting a cyber attack using artificial intelligence.

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