Chiplet summit

CEA-List participates in the First Annual Chiplet Summit on January 24-26 (San Jose, California): meet our experts in design and development of Chiplet Based Architectures.

From 24 Jan. To 26 Jan 2023

Denis Dutoit, Senior Project Leader in Advanced Computing, will introduce :

  • Chiplet Partitioning Can Balance Among Performance, Flexibility, and Scalability on Thursday, January 26th. B-201: Partitioning (Disaggregation) 09:00-10:00 AM


Pascal Vivet, fellow, will participate in the following tutorial :

  • Large System Design of a 6-Chiplet Based Architecture  on Tuesday, January 24th , Pre-Conference Tutorial F: Power and Thermal 01:00-5:00 PM


To register and learn more about the programme, visit the event website.