Technological advances • February 23, 2023

February 23, 2023 | Simulator helps verify mechanical part replacement feasibility and ergonomics for ITER fusion reactor

Researchers at CEA-List worked with a team at CEA-IRFM to develop simulation and virtual reality technologies to evaluate part replacement scenarios.

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Success Story • March 12, 2022


CIVA, the simulation tool for non-destructive testing distributed by Extende, dominates its market with 350 users worldwide.

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Software development environments • March 10, 2022


Simulation for the design, optimization, performance demonstration, and calculation of probability of detection of non-destructive testing procedures.

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Research programs • March 6, 2022

Diagnostics and prognostics

Measurement, data analysis, simulation, and machine learning are vital to understanding industrial processes, predicting their performance, and automating decision making.

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